The rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic has meant that school closures are happening worldwide to flatten the curve of the virus spreading. Educators are being tasked with quickly bringing their classrooms online to support their students’ well-being during this time of uncertainty. 

If you’re new to online education, this transition can feel overwhelming. Good news—there are steps you can take to make your online classroom effective for both you and your students. Creating an online course via LiveClass is an ideal way to provide additional support for students and ensure you keep their learning experience consistent—even while schools are closed. 

What are the benefits of online learning?

Within the current climate, shifting to an online classroom may feel daunting. However, there are a number of benefits to online learning for both teachers and students. Some of these benefits include the ability to protect our students and society from COVID-19, but also providing flexibility in how and where a student learns. 

By using LiveClass to build or supplement your online curriculum, you can enhance your students’ learning experience through additional resources and clear learning objectives. Here are a few ways online learning can lend itself to student success:

Learning outcomes & expectations 

Online courses allow you to easily create your curriculum with clear learning outcomes for your students. The linear structure enables your students to move at their pace to digest the information and review lessons to help them reach your learning expectations.

Monitor your students’ progress 

Online courses enable you to closely track student progress and identify those who need more support. With online discussion forums, quizzes, activities, and assignments, you can engage students to put their learning into action.

Build an online community 

Through discussion forums or LiveClass’ community feature, you can save time and foster a sense of belonging between students. Students can ask questions directly on a group lesson or reach out to their peers for guidance when in an online setting.

Support more learning styles 

One of the largest benefits of bringing your classroom online is the ability to provide more resources that you might not have time to cover during an in-person lesson. The multimedia lesson type in LiveClass allows you to attach PDFs, link to additional resources, and more.

Read on for insights on the advantages of online education, what this shift looks like in action, and how to get started today.